Suboptimal personal organisation isn’t just about forgetting to buy milk and missing your Mum’s birthday; it can have profound effects on our sleep, our mood, and our ability to focus. At work, this contributes to missed deadlines, lack of preparedness for meetings, stress and poor work/life balance.  Add to this today’s always-on society, where overwhelm and burnout are never more than a scroll on a smartphone away, and having strategies to deal with the demands on our time and attention becomes more important than ever.And as we’ve discovered over the last 12 months, as ’Working From Home' has become 'Living At Work', we need tools to enable us to switch off effectively and get the rest that we need at the end of the day. 

Over the last 20 years, the Getting Things Done (GTD®) methodology has earned a reputation as the gold standard in personal and organisational productivity, unlocking the secrets of how to achieve more, with less stress. 

GTD doesn’t just offer an escape route from  overflowing inboxes and back-to-back calendars; through the adoption of some simple habits, it enables focus, control and perspective. This leads to calmer decision-making, a less reactive state of mind at work, and allows us to be more present with our colleagues,  family and friends. Sleep improves, life feels less chaotic, and those big goals that seemed too scary somehow start to feel within reach.

In association with Next Action Associates, the GTD licensees for UK and Ireland, we can deliver a range of programmes, including virtual training, in-person seminars and individual coaching. 

Case Study

AirPlus International, a global supplier of corporate travel payment solutions, engaged Next Action Associates to deliver Getting Things Done® training for 217 of their employees over a two-year period.

of respondents reported productivity gains >15%

of respondents felt less stressed after being trained in GTD®

of respondents say they can switch off better after work

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Getting Things Done engagements can range from individual seats at public seminars, to full-organisation classroom training with additional coaching.  Investment will vary depending on the approach taken - to discuss your situation and to get a quote, please get in touch using this form.