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ISO 45003 is the international standard for Psychosocial Health & Safety - in other words, how Employers can protect the Mental Wellbeing of their employees by removing or reducing risk, just like they do with physical health & safety.

Most of the activity that goes on in workplaces in the name of Mental Health and Wellbeing is reactive or remedial; raising awareness or providing support for employees who are already struggling. In terms of Physical Health & Safety this is equivalent to providing your employees with protective clothing because you recognise the environment is potentially harmful, rather than trying to reduce the risk.

ISO 45003 lays out a framework and Best Practice for identifying the possible causes of psychosocial (ie relating to the interaction between social and individual factors) risks in the workplace, and coming up with a plan to remove or reduce them before they cause problems that require later intervention.

Make Work Work Better are now using ISO 45003 as a framework and Best Practice for all our engagements, and have introduced the Well-Working Index to enable organisations to identify the benefits of the standard, and help them understand what it might look like to adopt it. For more information, please get in touch using the form below.


The standard at

It's available to read for free

45003 Academy

Free Resources for understanding and adopting the standard, including the Foundations E-learning course

45003 at the BSI

Including the standard itself, and an FAQ

The UK Psych Health & Safety Podcast

Very listenable and accessible insight on the standard and its creation and adoption.

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