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Your organisation's journey towards the proactive, preventative wellbeing of the future starts here, with the Well-Working Index.

Based on a simple-to-administer 50-question survey, the Well-Working Index gives a top-level read of the strengths, opportunities and potential risks inherent in the working practices of your teams. It is designed to align with ISO 45003the international standard for Psychosocial Health & Safety, and directly assesses the main areas of potential risk in a way that most Employee Perception surveys do not.

The Well-Working survey is summarised in a beautiful, easy-to-understand report that calls out the key findings, and gives actionable recommendations for follow-up activity. This can also be combined with existing employee data and deep-dive focus groups to paint a more detailed picture, which can in turn form the basis of a Psychosocial Risk Assessment.

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Developed in partnership with Next Steps Consulting, the Well-Working Index enables clear decision-making, tangible action steps and measurable progress, supported by best-in-class advice from the experts at Next Steps and Make Work Work Better. 

Alternatively,to get started with the Well-Working Index in your company, get in touch using this form!

Thanks for your enquiry, we'll be in touch very soon to see how we can make your work work better!

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