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As well as our core programmes, we offer a suite of Workshops to address specific challenges or introduce particular tools. They can be delivered standalone, or used to supplement a core programme.


These can all be delivered virtually or in person, and are suitable for groups from 6-20.

Effective Problem Solving

Humans are great at solving problems! Except we’re not really, are we? We’re good at bringing our particular point of view to the table, and identifying short-term fixes which mask the real issue.
This half-day workshop introduces a 4-step Problem Solving framework to encourage:

- Robust problem definition

- Quantification of impact

- Finding the Root Cause 

- Choosing the right solution
 - Implementing

- Validation of results

At the end of the session, attendees will have a thorough understanding of the framework, will have experienced coaching others through the process, and will have made tangible progress on solving their own chosen problem.



Meaningful Measures

Measurement is important. It determines our annual performance review score. Our bonus. Our share price. It also determines how we act; measure the wrong thing and you encourage the wrong behaviour.
In this workshop we explore:
- KPIs vs Performance measures

- Helpful and unhelpful measures

- Driving action

- Balancing your measures

Using a high-level process map or existing KPIs, we will then begin the process of designing a set of measures that can be used to track and diagnose performance.
By the end of the half-day workshop attendees will have an initial scorecard, and the knowledge required to adapt it as required in the workplace.



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