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Everything we do has a process, whether we realise it or not. They’re a fundamental part of our work, but often go unnoticed, undocumented and unchanged over time. 


Every process has flaws and inefficiencies, which often mount up as time goes by. This not only results in frustration, reduced morale and significant productivity drain, but we now know that it is also a significant contributor to work-related sickness absence.

Everyone has a list of things that could be done better in their work. Why don’t we start by listening to them?


Our Process Redesign Clinics engage and involve your front-line employees from the start, seeking their input to map the process as it happens in real life. This step is vital not only to gain an accurate picture of the current state, but also to gain commitment and buy-in at an early stage.

Case Study


Initial results can be observed within a couple of weeks, starting with improved team morale and accountability, and ‘quick win’ productivity improvements. Realising full productivity benefits will depend on the length of the delivery cycle.

The Redesign Workshop results in a set of concrete actions with agreed owners, timings and measures. Over the following weeks, we support the team to deliver these changes, assess the impact and identify further improvement opportunities.


Then, in a group setting, we use process/value optimisation tools based in Lean to find bottlenecks, highlight inconsistencies and identify non-value adding activities. This allows for challenge and discussion, and aids in forming a consensus around the need for change. 


A marketing agency had an account for a major high street bank. Delivery to the client was always late, and often inaccurate. 

The account had a reputation for needing a lot of overtime, and as such the team saw significant churn. 

No profit was made in the year before our intervention.


On-time, accurate delivery within 3 months


Profit increase year-on-year

“…profound and positive commercial impact”


“People actually ask to work on the account now!”


“…much improved ways of working…”

Process Redesign Clinics can be applied to all sizes and complexities of businesses and processes. As such, we're not able to give an idea of investment without knowing a little more about what's involved. To discuss your requirements, please use this form and we'll get back to you!

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