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Hello you! Thanks for agreeing to be on Do Yourself a Favour, the show about learning from experience and making our lives easier. I am excited.

The format is as follows:

Introduction - I’ll give you a short lead in and ask you to introduce yourself.

The main discussion is structured around these 5 core questions (but tangents are expected and welcomed).


  • Something you wish you'd known sooner 

  • A book or concept that made a difference to your life 

  • A tool you can't live without or use every day (which is not your laptop or phone)

  • The last really useful thing you bought or acquired

  • Complete the sentence: Do Yourself a Favour and...


Finally, the usual ‘where can people find you?’ question, and I will ask you to choose three random numbers.


The scheduled slot is for an hour, of which the recording will be 30-45 minutes depending on how badly we tangent. If you're not already booked in, you can find a slot to suit you below!

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