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The Next Steps to Making Work Work Better

Make Work Work Better are partnering with Next Steps Consulting to deliver a holistic and organisation-wide preventative approach to mental health and wellbeing in the workplace.

17.9 million days were lost to stress, anxiety and depression in 2019/2020 (*HSE) with 41% of employees experiencing mental health symptoms caused, or worsened by work in the last year (*Business in the Community 2021; What if Your Job was Good for You Report). With the backdrop of the pandemic leading to more adults suffering from poor mental wellbeing, and many organisations now adopting a hybrid work approach, it is timely to re-examine your organisational wellbeing strategy to ensure it is fit for purpose.

In partnership, Next Steps and Make Work Work Better have developed the ‘Well-Working Index’ which is a diagnostic survey that identifies areas of strength, opportunity and potential risk to psychological safety, mental health and wellbeing within organisations.

Closely aligned with ISO 45003, the International Standard for Psychosocial Health & Safety, the Well-Working Index looks into areas such as process, social interaction, autonomy, workload and role design - areas which can play a significant role in employee wellbeing, but which are often overlooked - and ties them to specific, actionable recommendations.

Gemma Carter-Morris, Director of Wellbeing and Client Relationships at Next Steps said “this partnership builds on the work that we currently do whereby we look at organisational wellbeing more broadly to embed a culture of wellbeing by building it into strategic objectives and the people strategy to cover all areas that impact employee wellbeing. We are really excited about working with Make Work Work Better and broadening our offer even further to support businesses to build a culture that really supports and promotes wellbeing and psychological safety.

Tim Sismey, Founder of Make Work Work Better, said “Organisations go to great lengths to avoid physical injuries at work, but for the most part the response to mental health tends to be remedial.

This means there’s a wealth of untapped opportunities for proactive improvement that The Well-Working Index can uncover, and the combined expertise of the Next Steps / Make Work Work Better partnership can address. I couldn’t be more excited about working with Gemma and the team to help more companies create healthy, high-performing environments”

As well as the Well-Working Index, Next Steps and Make Work Work Better can use existing employee data and focus groups to create a more in-depth picture of the current wellbeing landscape within your organisation and use this to develop recommendations and follow up interventions.

To find out more about how we can support you and your organisation please get in touch at or request a call via this form


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